What are USA Free Spins Bonuses?

Free spins are incentives that online casinos often use to lure players from the United States in. They are exactly what the name suggests - spins that gamblers can get for free and possibly win real money using them.

But, there's much more to free spins for USA players than the eye meets!

So, we've dedicated this article to explain what these bonuses are, how to claim and use them, and finally, how to convert them into real cash!


How Can Players From the USA Claim Free Spins?

Players from the USA can claim free spins in several ways, and it's mandatory to genuinely learn all of them!

But, the first step would be finding a casino that actually has these lucrative bonuses on board. As we all know, thousands of casinos don't accept players from the United States, so even finding a casino can prove to be backbreaking.

However, once players find such a casino, they can go ahead and claim the free spins targeted at USA players.

Wondering how to claim them? - Everything will be explained in great detail below!

First Deposit Offers

The most popular way for players from the USA to claim free spins is by depositing with a gambling venue. Players will first need to find an online casino that provides free spins as part of the welcome bonus and deposit afterward.

Once players find this casino, they should read the terms and conditions of the welcome package. One of our suggestions that we highly recommend is Ignition Casino. We also recommend that you read the T&Cs, as there is always a minimum deposit limit players will need to make to get the full amount of free spins.

Usually, the min deposit will be $20 but may be more or less in certain scenarios. In these types of bonuses, players will usually get their funds matched up to a certain amount and additionally receive free spins. The number of extra spins usually ranges from 50 to 100, and players will get either all of them at once or several per day.

These bonuses are typically packed with wagering requirements and last for several days, but we will dive into greater detail about that later.

Reload Bonuses

There are two main types of reload bonuses - ones that are similar to the welcome bonus but issued to existing players, and others in the form of a casino promotion where players need to complete simple tasks.

The reload bonuses for existing players don't require too much explanation as it's similar to the welcome offer. Everything is the same, except for the fact that it's targeted at existing players. It usually comes in the form of second or third deposit bonuses, and players will need to deposit a minimum amount to receive the extra spins!

The second type can arrive in many forms - tournaments, leaderboards, the casino's anniversary, etc. There are hundreds of promotions that provide extra spins to USA players, and they only depend on how creative the gambling venue can get!

The huge number of free spins that players get from these promotions will often arrive without any requirements, which means that whatever players win - they can keep it!

No Deposit Bonus Spins

A less common way of getting free spins for USA players is just by signing up! Not many, but certain casinos will offer free spins as part of their no deposit bonuses, which means that players are only required to register with the casino.

Finding such a gambling venue can prove hard, as most online casinos issue free spins after players make their first deposit. However, such USA online casinos exist, and players from the United States can really put that no deposit bonuses into good use.

Of course, there is always something more to free stuff, and that applies here as well. Extra spins that are part of a no deposit bonus are usually packed with heavier wagering requirements, which means that players can hardly ever withdraw real money. It's possible but uncertain!

Extra Spins on Slots

Another popular way of getting free spins for USA players is simply by playing slot games. Most gamblers are probably familiar with this, but it's worth mentioning anyway!

Notably, not all slots provide players with extra spins. So, gamblers from the United States will have to discover the ones that do.

Once players find such a slot, all they need to do is spin the reels until they get some extra spins! Nothing too complicated here.

How Can Players From the USA Use Free Spins Bonuses?

Using these bonuses is simple, but there are few things to keep in mind before jumping the gun!

Once players from the USA get free spins, it's obvious they will want to use them. Now, extra spins that come as part of a welcome offer or a USA no deposit bonus are typically attached to selected slots.

Notably, players won't be able to use their extra spins on any slot they want, but only on selected slots by the casino! To find out about the game, players should read the T&C of the bonus offer.

Extra spins acquired through tournaments and leaderboards, on the other hand, won't have any requirements attached. In this situation, it's best to use them on slots with high RTP (Return to Player Percentage) to get the most out of the bonus offer! All slots with RTP above 96% are great for extra spins.


Are Free Spins Good for USA Gamblers?

Extra spins are exceptionally valuable for players from the United States. By using extra spins, USA no deposit players have the chance to test a slot game without having to spend money.

This is a great feature for new gamblers who have no idea what they want! Testing a game for free allows them to simply discover what they like. Of course, extra spins issued as part of a deposit bonus won't be free, which is why new players should find a casino with a no deposit bonus!

The extra spins are also good for making profits! Yes, with the help of Lady Luck, players can actually win real money and withdraw them. That's easier said than done, and players will have to fulfill the wagering requirements attached to the bonus before becoming eligible to withdraw it.

Nonetheless, that's 100% possible, and players will learn what it takes a bit later!

What do Casinos Get by Issuing USA Free Spins?

Simple - online casinos get to attract more players from the USA by issuing extra spins. In the short term, it's a loss. But, in the long run, online casinos get regular customers that will continue to deposit and have fun at their casino!

Furthermore, by providing extra spins to new gamblers and regulars, online casinos show that they care for their customer base. If the gambling house is genuinely generous, it will be held in higher regard by players, thus potentially reaching a wider audience!

Not all casinos apply this psychology, but rest assured that players need to find one and not settle down with cheap casinos that won't give anything extra to their customers!


Can Players from the USA Profit With Free Spins?

It all depends on what players expect under the term 'profits'. If the expectation is making thousands of dollars from a single casino bonus, then the answer is no. If players expect to make several hundred, the answer is yes!

So, free spins provide USA players with the chance of making real money, but not millions. Almost all extra spins will be capped at certain maximum winnings, and that information will be stated in the T&C of the bonus offer.

Making profits also depends on how the spins were claimed in the first place. Extra spins from no deposit bonuses usually carry bigger wagering requirements, they are less in quantity and are capped at lower winnings.

So, the best chance that players from the United States have is by claiming and utilizing spins that arrive as part of a deposit bonus!

Converting the Bonus to Real Cash

Players have finally reached the most exciting part of the article - converting their bonus into real cash!

After players from the USA claim the free spins, they will want to play and cash them out. But, that's not possible just yet, as spins obtained through deposit bonuses usually carry wagering requirements!

The wagering requirements will always be different, and they depend on how fair the online casino is! As an example, we will take a gambling venue that is utilizing 40x wagering requirements for the bonuses they provide.

Let's assume that a player from the USA claimed 100 free spins stacked with a 40x wagering requirement. First, gamblers should check how much each of those spins is worth. In most cases, extra spins are worth $0.10, which means that 100 spins will be worth $10.

As previously stated, gamblers can use these spins only on selected slots. Once players are done with using their spins, they will most definitely make some profits. Assuming the player made $100 by using the extra spins, they will then need to play those winnings 40 times through. When the player manages to wager $4.000 and not lose the extra funds, they can cash it out as real money!